Autumn Covid boosters and flu jabs

depiction of a vaccination

The details of the booster programme in terms of who will receive it, and which vaccine will be used, will not be decided nationally until early September.

However, we have started planning on a best-guess basis of what those decisions will turn out to be.

We will aim to vaccinate people 70 years and over with both Covid boosters and flu jabs at the same time, and plan to run clinics at the Civic Hall to do this on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 22nd September
  • Saturday 25th September
  • Wednesday 6th October
  • Saturday 9th October
  • Wednesday 13th October

We will send out appointment invitations for eligible patients as soon as we have confirmed details of the programme and available vaccine. 

We are planning to give people aged 65-69 their flu vaccine on Saturday 2nd October. We will contact people to book their flu appointment in the next few days

People under 65 years receive a different flu vaccine from those over 65, and we will run clinics for those patients from mid-October onwards when the vaccine is delivered, and will confirm dates and send out appointment invitations as soon as we are able. 

Published: Aug 25, 2021