Private Treatment

Medication following private consultations

NHS guidance follows the principle that private and NHS care should be clearly separate.

Any medication prescribed during a private consultation needs to be obtained using the private prescription issued by that clinic. It can't be 'swapped' for a NHS prescription. Side effects or adverse reactions to medication should also be managed by that clinic. Any ongoing medication prescriptions that would need a shared care protocol equally need to be issued by the private clinic, and all monitoring and follow-up remain the responsibility of that clinic.

People can opt to transfer to NHS care at any point, but will be assessed on the same basis as any other patient with similar symptoms and subject to the same waiting lists and any rationing of care that may apply.


Private ADHD diagnosis and treatment

More information about this is available here


Private surgical treatment

If you have an operation privately, the follow-up and aftercare also need to be provided privately. For most private surgery performed in the UK this is fairly straightforward, but if opting to have surgery a significant distance away, you need to make sure you can get to the follow-up appointments or any post-operative physiotherapy and be able to attend their clinic in the event of any complications.

If you are considering going abroad for any form of private surgery, particularly bariatric surgery, you need to be aware of the following:

You do not have an automatic right to re-enter the NHS for ongoing treatment following any private surgical episode.

Follow-up for 2 years after bariatric surgery is recommended. This needs to be done privately, either by the surgical clinic who did the operation or by you making alternative private arrangements for ongoing follow-up, including any blood tests or injections needed.

Post Surgical Wound Care and Suture Removal

Any care that is required post-operatively following private surgery will also need to be arranged privately.  The surgery is unable to do this. 


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 Investigations Recommended by Private Clinics

All investigations including blood tests, scans, swabs, etc that are recommended through any private clinic will need to be arranged privately