PPG Committee Meeting - 17 August 2023

  • Present: Flavia Leslie (FL), chair, Kevin Fitzgerald (KF), Babs Capps (BC), Wendy Price (WP), Mary Harrison (MH); 
  • Practice staff: Dr Helen Miles (HM); Kathryn Hall (KH) Practice Manager; 
  1. Apologies: Caroline Bodinham (CB); Sam Buckley (SB)
  2. Minutes: Minutes of the last PPG committee meeting were approved
  3. Matters arising: There were no matters arising
  4. Report from the Chair:  
    • Flavia has contacted a number of organisations to attend Diabetes, MIND, Dementia Service advice; AGE UK
    • Babs asked if there was an opportunity to include Will advice in the awareness day, but it was rejected as it was felt that it was not health related.
  5. Treasure’s Report: Nothing much to report apart from the funds had now been transferred to the Woodlands managed account as previously discussed. This process was approved by the committee.
  6. Update from Practice: 
    • Staffing 
      • Not too bad at the moment and if anything we are over-established rather than under-established based on current list size and national recommendations, but we are growing again
    • Practice Premises
      • We are exploring the possibility of an extension to the Woodlands building but this will require a purchase of land from the Community Hospital.  Discussions are ongoing.
    • Estates and Estates strategy
      • KH discussed new Health Centre with a councillor at the park run and had explained that the funding available to build the new centre at GWP is inadequate.  Around £1million is available but a new health centre will need closer to £3million and so there is a need for a business case to support the development.  
  7. Health Awareness Day – 18th November
    • Ideas for inclusion requested
    • Is this an opportunity to have a PPG Stand?
  8. PPG Membership Recruitment
    • Practice Website is going to raise awareness and improve the advert/application form 
    • NHS Futures
    • BC to investigate options with the WI
  9. PPG constitution: Now published 
  10. A.O.B. 
    • Health Awareness Day Agenda options encouraged
    • Is this an opportunity to include NHS Dentists as well as Doctors?
  11. Date of Next Meeting: 10:30am Thursday 9th November 2023 at Woodlands