Patient Group (PG)

Patient Group

Welcome from the Woodlands’ Patient Group Chair, Stewart Lilly

“Every registered patient of the Woodlands’ Practice is entitled to belong to its Patient Group (PG). Our message is: “Patients and Practice, working in Partnership.” We exist to help improve services for patients.

The PG has been running for 16 years and has a close relationship with the Practice Partners and Management, which we highly value.”


COVID-19 impact

The normal activities of the PG have been suspended  during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  These include meetings of patient group members  and the  2020 AGM.   Around the table committee meetings were suspended in March 2020  but virtual meetings are  now taking place every 4-6 weeks  together with regular liaison with the  practice.  Newsletters have been issued  - some in partnership with the  other Didcot practices (Health Centre and Oaktree)  - and given wide circulation in local media, parish and other newsletters.  It is planned these will continue  though not necessarily to a regular timetable.

Normal services  - which  cannot resume until the  current pandemic is over – are:

  • the PG committee meeting every two months to oversee our work and to plan-ahead.
  • Each year prior to May 31st, we hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to which all Woodlands’ patients are invited.
  • We hold three or four PG Group meetings each year, with keynote speakers, and the chance for patients to be updated on Practice news and to ask questions of its management. 

Patient Group Committee Members:

  • Lay members: Stewart Lilly (Chair), Flavia Leslie (Vice-Chair), Dermot Paddon (Secretary), Sam Buckley (Treasurer), Wendy Price (Patient services), Gaynor Thomas, Mrs Barbara Capps.
  • Practice members: Dr Lucy Wilson (Practice Partner representative) Kathryn Hall and Paul Hackwood (Practice Managers)

Joining the Patient Group (PG):

If you would like to join the PG please use this online form

The PG records are run in compliance with the latest GDPR regulations. We only use them to send you relevant Practice, NHS, and Social Care information, and news of events that we are running. Your email address will never be disclosed to a third-party, without your permission. You will have no obligations, and you can ask to leave the PG record at any time by emailing Dermot Paddon at:


We need more committee members

If you  are interested and would like more information please contact our secretary Dermot Paddon at  or our Chair: Stewart Lilly at


More Information

Also, if you would like any further information including  recent information sheets or newsletters, minutes of recent meetings  and the constitution of the Patient Group please contact the Secretary


Do you need assistance with getting online to assist with your healthcare needs?

Increasingly, healthcare services can be accessed online. More than ever before, being able to order prescriptions on the NHS App, refer yourself for services such as physiotherapy and submit information to the surgery through our website, is very useful. It ensures that you can carry on accessing everything you need, even if self-isolating or minimising your contact with others.

At Woodlands, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with using online services and may not have used them before. For this reason, we have a very experienced group of volunteers who can assist you over the telephone with using healthcare apps and websites.

If you would like us to arrange assistance from a volunteer, please call reception and speak to one of our team. We will do the rest!