PPG Committee Meeting - 22 February 2024

  • Present: Flavia Leslie (FL), chair, Babs Capps (BC), Wendy Price (WP), Mary Harrison (MH)
  • Practice staff: Dr Helen Miles (HM); Caroline Bodinham (CB); 
  1. Apologies: Kathryn Hall (KH); Kevin Fitzgerald (KF); Sam Buckley (SB) and Kevin. 
  2. Minutes: Minutes of the last PPG committee meeting were approved
  3. Matters arising: There were no matters arising
  4. Report from the Chair:  
    • Flavia gave an update on the Health and Wellbeing Day.  It went well and the feedback was positive, with lots of connections made.  It wasn’t as well attended as were hoping and think if it was run again would need more funding to publicise it more and maybe increased use of social media.  Both the Mayor and local MP popped in!  Will arrange a post-event meeting to discuss but overall think it was useful and should do again.
  5. Treasure’s Report: No update provided.
  6. Update from Caroline Bodinham on behalf of Practice Manager: Staffing 
    • We have a new nurse in post since the last PPG meeting which has increased nurse capacity
    • We also have an experienced GP retainer joining the practice.
    • There are also 2 new members joining the reception team in the coming weeks.  Wendy fedback how nice and friendly the reception team are and how reassuring they have been when she has called the practice.
    • One of our paramedics has now left the practice.
  7. Health and Wellbeing Day
    • Update was provided by FL in the Chair’s update.
  8. PPG Membership Recruitment
    • Some people took some PPG forms at the Health and Wellbeing Day but none have been returned yet.
  9. A.O.B. 
  • Wendy was asked if she would be happy to help the practice with a patient survey in  the waiting room.  Wendy confirmed she would.  The Practice will contact Wendy directly  to arrange a time to come in and meet with us and a GP to decide on the questions that we would like to ask.  PPG members to also provide input if there is anything they think should be covered.  Flavia asked what changes are made after the surveys and the friend and family tests; explained we have already made changes such as e-consults opening in the evenings and have put up a “you said, we did” notice on the waiting room screens. Helen also confirmed that the results of the GP survey are reviewed by the partners and compared to previous years and changes made where needed such as the introduction of the new phone system.
  • Mary asked about children’s vaccines given the increase in the news about measles. The Practice is proactively calling in patients who don’t have a record of immunisations and has a good system in place to monitor this.  Helen confirmed that we are not seeing an increase in measles cases at the moment.
  • Wendy asked what appointment types we are currently offering. It was confirmed that we currently offer:
  1. Book on the day appointments for urgent and routine queries
  2. 24/48/72-hour pre-bookable appointments
  3. E-consult options morning and evening
  4. Minor illness consultations with a nurse or paramedic or physician associate 
  5. Physiotherapy and Counselling appointments 
  6. There is now the option of more use of the Pharmacy for some minor conditions.
  • Flavia raised some concerns over infection control in the pharmacy next door as it is a very small space, little ventilation and you have to touch the door handle to open it.
  • Helen mentioned that there is a push for GPs to move to total triage where patients have to complete an online consultation first which is then reviewed by a Dr and an appropriate appointment given. We are currently working with a hybrid approach with some online triage and the reception team signposting patients to other services where indicated (e.g. to a physio or pharmacists) as well as appointments being booked as requested by patients.  
  1. Date of Next Meeting: 10:30am Thursday 23rd May at Woodlands