Person going though cancer screening

Cancer Screening

Don't ignore your invite or miss the chance for a free test


Bowel Cancer

Are you aged over 60

If so, you will be sent a free kit that can detect the early signs of bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is a very common cancer and can be easily detected. The earlier it’s found, the more effectively it can be treated, so don’t ignore the package in the post, do the test and send it back!

You can request a free kit by calling freephone: 0800 707 6060.


Cervical Screening

Are you aged between 25 and 64?

If so, you are eligible for cervical screening. Cervical screening can stop cancer before it starts.

If you missed your last appointment, book an appointment now, either online via ‘Patient Access’ , the ‘NHS app’ or with reception - Tel 01235 517 760.

If you have any worries about the procedure, we are more than happy to talk through your concerns. Just ask to speak to one of our nurses or come to your appointment and we can talk then.


Breast Cancer Screening

All women aged 50 or over are entitled to breast cancer screening every 3 years.

Screening has now restarted after a pause due to the pandemic. Breast screening for women is via appointment only. Invitations are sent automatically to women up to their 71st birthday.

Remember to look out for your invitation and make time for the appointment, it’s too important to forget. For more details, speak to your GP, or visit their website

Women over 71 can contact their local breast screening unit to make an appointment every 3 years. The Oxford Breast Imaging Centre number is: 01865 23562